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Tattoo ideas for girls in 2019 let’s try the new

tattoo ideas for girls
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welcome to dmhtattoos lets grab new tattoo ideas for girls in 2019.A recent study in the US surprises revealed that although 85% of people believe that men are more likely to have tattoos,.

On the contrary, 59 percent of the tattooed population consists of females.

Tattoos are an excellent means of expressing yourself through body artwork and we’ve compiled 125 of our favorite tattoo tips for girls.

Ghost tattoos

We’ll begin with this ghost layout. Lately there’s been more of a movement towards smaller, minimalist design tattoos, in contrast to the conventional ink heavy ones.

Additionally, it shows that girls aren’t confined to just getting’girly tattoos’.

The animation ghost is a fun, although not been overly spooky.

ghost tattoos
ghost tattoos

Smaller tattoos are also getting more popular nowadays as they’re more affordable and frequently people can find a few smaller tattoos.

A ghost tattoo for the exact same cost as a larger one

Bunny moon tattoos

Cute cartoon characters are a popular option, particularly amongst girls that are searching for something nostalgic and pretty.

bunny moon tattoos
bunny moon tattoos

Rabit tattoos

If you are a bunny lover and are considering a life like design then this is certainly the tattoo for you.

The artist has managed to do an excellent job of developing a lifelike brabbit using only black ink.

Black ink is always a safe option as it retains its color the best of all of the inks.

rabibt tattoos

Here is just another example of the popular bunny layout, now with more of a cartoon style to it. Behind the ear is an extremely popular place for females to get tattoos.

they’re usually just a bit smaller than this one but is still simple enough to cover up in case you have more hair.

A bunny checking it is a pocket watch.

Finger tattoos

Historically finger tattoos get a tiny bad wrap. Typically they use to be earmarked for bikers and gang members.

they were considered a small faux pas in the event that you wanted to have a respectable job.

Nowadays however they’re more commonplace and socially acceptable. The conventional finger tattoos were to get”LOVE” on one hand and then”HATE” across another knuckle, this was a style that was popularized by film characters.

finger tattoos
finger tattoos

The finger next in by the pinkie finger on the left hand is usually called the’ring finger’ and can be reserved for a wedding ring as a sign that you are married.

It’s a fairly common location for modern couples to have a tattoo there instead of a ring as rings are extremely costly especially to lose!

A small, easy tattoo like the love heart above looks amazing and is also easy to cover up if you want to.

Unicorn tattoos

Above you can see several different tattoos such as an epic unicorn tattoo coming up from the thigh and on into the belly in addition to a leopard print design moving over her shoulder.

unicorn tattoos

Mermaid tattoos

Above you can see a cool case of a beneath the sea fashion theme on the forearm tattoos ideas for girls.

Silhouetted styles are usually safe options as the thicker line work makes them last longer and not as intricate line work that may possibly be awakened or fade over time.

mermaid tattoos
mermaid tattoos

It’s ideal to find a style that ones and match with good line function like the one above are certain to hold their color and last longer.

Small tattoos for girls

The small thing always attract the girls and if it is in the form of tattoos then it shows its cuteness

Leg roses tattoos

As you can see from her rings she’s a fan of heavy metal and tattoos are highly popular amongst the metal audience, especially traditional style ones.

leg rose tattoos

you have a timeless look about them but are also popular since they’re proven to stand the test of time.

Sunflower tattoos

This woman must really like sunflowers. They are on both her dress in addition to tattooed the side of her ribcage.

It is, of course, a wonderful thing to find something tattooed that you are very passionate or in love with since there is less likelihood of you ever regretting it or wanting to get it lasered off.

sunflowe rtattoos

Sunflowers are some sort of a market in tattoo artwork. They aren’t as usually seen but also make for good girl tattoos.

Sleeves tattoos

Different to the scatter style flowers prior to on a women sleeve, you can see the above style it looks great but is entirely different.

sleeve tattoo for girl
sleeve tattoos

It’s ideal to find style that ones and match with good line function like the one above are certain to hold their color and last longer.

Hand tattoos for girls

I love tattoos of hands, they are readily found in both boys and girls, but they nearly always resemble the hands of a woman.

hand tattoos for girls

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