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How to cure a newly made tattoo?

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How to treat a freshly made tattoo impeccably to have an excellent aesthetic result and be safe from infections and health problems? Here is the recommended procedure.


After carefully choosing the design of your tattoo, the ideal tattoo artist and having gritted your teeth during its execution, here is the work is done: but how to cure a tattoo just made ?  The process to take good care of a newly created tattoo is simple but by no means are taken for granted. Although sometimes this operation is underestimated, it is actually fundamental.

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The tattoo just made, in fact, is like a small wound and should be treated as such, also as a matter of safety. In addition to this, it must be considered that treating it well means having a better final result from an aesthetic point of view.

The duration of the healing process and the consequent daily care of the small work of art depend on the size (therefore of the wound), on the position (on the sensitivity of the area) and on the characteristics of the skin, that is the rapidity of the subject’s cellular turnover. The first few days, above all, are the most important ones: not following the correct recommendations can mean damaging the design. Given how much it costs to make a tattoo , it certainly isn’t the case to ruin it for lack of attention.

How to treat a freshly done tattoo?

Once the last micro-dose of ink is injected under the skin, the tattoo artist proceeds to disinfect the area with specific products and sterile gauze. Subsequently it will proceed by spreading a layer of soothing cream, normally Bepanthenol for tattoos or Vaseline .

Once done, it will cover everything with transparent film , fixing it along the perimeter with scotch tape. In this way the skin remains hydrated, the clothes are not soiled and the area is isolated from the outside, which is a probable source of germs and bacteria. The tattoo should be kept for a few hours (4-6 hours). After this time the film must be removed, and it must be   washedgently using fresh water and a soap, perhaps antibacterial.

After drying the area, dabbing with a clean towel, apply a new layer of tattoo cream. If possible, between these two phases it is recommended to let the skin breathe as it is for a few minutes. Without all this, if possible leave the tattoo free, only with the cream, or cover again with film if you risk taking it in the area (a tattoo on your wrist can be an obstacle in some jobs, which is why it may be necessary to keep it covered for a few more days, leaving it uncovered overnight). Repeat 2 times a day.

Errors to avoid

The first weeks after the execution of a tattoo are the most important and for this reason we must be very careful, also checking that the symptoms of a tattoo allergy do not arise . Particularly among the first enemies, especially when it comes to how to treat a tattoo in the summer , there is certainly the sun with its dangerous UV rays that can deteriorate the color and ruin the design.

It is precisely for this reason that in case of exposure it is always recommended to put a sunscreen for tattoos with a high degree at 30, 50 or full screen. To avoid these problems, many choose not to get a tattoo in the warm months, especially if they are planning a vacation. An important operation like treating a tattoo on the sea becomes, in fact, difficult here: just think of the unhygienic and irritating salt water, the sand that slips everywhere and the difficulty of avoiding the sun.

In addition to the sun, when thinking about how to treat a tattoo, remember to avoid rubbing the area and scratching it: the crusts that form on the wound are important to fall on their own with normal skin cell turnover. If itching is felt it is because the area is dry and a special cream should be applied.

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