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Dragons are mythical creatures, which have emerged in many mythical and folk takes of countries like Europe, Russia, China and Japan.

In countries such as Europe, they are thought of as bad and are well-known for abducting the gorgeous princess and locking her up in a faraway castle.

They have been treated as guardians of the kingdom and represent good will and great luck.

Based on the culture, Dragons are inked in a variety of designs to symbolize their ideologies. Check out these remarkable Dragon tattoo designs that are certain to impress you!

small dragon tattoos

While many choose to get a huge looming little dragon tattoos over their shoulder or in their back, little dragon tattoos better function as a mark that does not bring too much attention but still retains a strong symbolism.

In Western lore, dragons are portrayed as giant evil serpents that have to be slain by courageous and noble knights.

small dragon tattoos

In Asian culture, the significance of a dragon is diverse depending on the elements involved into its design, but the little water dragon is the most requested style.

The mighty little dragon symbolizes one’s subconscious and internal mediation in addition to representing physical and psychological strength, power, wisdom, masculinity, and the forces of nature and the world.

For people who would like to attain inner peace through religious practices, the dragon is a famous insignia for such a purpose.

Little Dragon tattoos come in a whole range of portrayals whether it be the European-based frightening fire-breathing critters with bone-crushing claws or Asian-based tasteful and ribbon-like creatures that apparently swim between clouds.

Additionally, there are different styles of dragon tattoos like minimalistic, geometric, tribal, or if you would like to find creative, integrated designs along with different creatures.

A daring little dragon tattoo is excellent for powerhouses and flexible thinkers, and the fantastic thing about little dragon tattoos is you can put it just about anywhere on the body.

Japanese dragon tattoos

Japanese dragons are varied legendary animals in Japanese mythology and folklore.

Japanese monster myths amalgamate indigenous legends with imported stories about dragons from China, Korea and India.

The fashion of the dragon was greatly affected by the japanese dragon tattoos.
Japanese dragons tattoos represent many diverse qualities. To some, the pictures represent power, strength, masculinity or sexual enthusiasm.

For many others, the dragon depicts longevity, wisdom and luck.

To the Japanese dragon tattoos, the mythical creatures are symbols of forces which use their strength for the good of others. The Asian version is generally depicted as serpent-like without wings.

A sleeping japanes dragon tattoos signifies the wearer possesses quiet power and strength which rises to the occasion when necessary.

japanese dragon tattoo
japanese dragon tattoo

A dragon rising toward sunlight signifies ascension, progress or a lifetime journey.
A dragon’s claw may signify a battle over evil, destruction or fearlessness and power.

The benevolent Asian and japanese dragon or Ryu is also typically a composite of several creatures. The eyes look demonic or rabbit like.

Its scales are borrowed in the koi fish, and the claws or talons are derived from the eagle or the hawk.

The japanese dragon tattoos are made in any number of styles which include abstract, cartoonish, realistic or dramatic.

While a few are done in dark work, more frequently the picture comprises bright, bold colours.

The shape can be easily modified to fit a variety of body locations.

dragon tattoos for men

When most guys get dragon tattoos because they look badass as body art, some men will want to know that different cultures associate dragons with profound significance.

As an example, Chinese dragon tattoos may symbolize wisdom, wisdom, power, greed and passion.

Furthermore, due to the size and shape of those mythical creatures, it should come as little surprise that dragon tattoo designs are still some of the coolest kinds of ink for guys.

dragon tattoo for men

In actuality, since they can be big or small, simple or detailed, black or vibrant, and united with a skull, tiger, or snake, men can ask their artist to put their art anywhere on the body.

Below, we have compiled images of the best dragon tattoos.
Whether you would like a dragon arm, torso, back, forearm, shoulder, leg, or sleeve tattoo, these ideas will inspire you!

G-dragon tattoos

G-Dragon. Thus far, it is understood that GD has 20 tattoos on his body, and it all began with the two that he did in 2007 on both arms — the words”Vita Dolce” and”Moderato”.

His first tattoo done in May of 2007 is really his first and second tattoos.

Vita Dolce means’sweet life’ in Italian (it’s really suppose to be Dolce Vita but hey you can not blame a Korean teenager for trying lmao) and Moderato is a musical term for a fast tempo.

GD has clarified his interpretation of this tattoo is’living a sweet life in moderation’.

G dragon tattoo

Additionally, it appears to be that tattoo he is most fond of and most prominently displays to the general public. :relaxed:

When read in sequence it reads’to_get_her’ or in other words’together’. 😀

still some disagreement regarding whether or not he obtained the’GET’ section of the tattoo in the same time as the’TO_HER’ or when he got it at a later date because he did not show the’GET’ part until over two years later on the 20th Anniversary cover of Korean Vogue

Jiyong struggles with depression and has said that he got the tattoos to help him remember to breathe at the moments when it is tough to get up and keep going.

Fans have speculated on the place, stating that they’d be simple to concentrate on if one was sitting with their thoughts on there knees such as people have a tendency to do when they are overwhelmed.

dragon tattoo design for girls

F you believed that dragons are just reserved for guys, you could not be more wrong. As a dragon itself, so the tattoo, can be very feminine, alluring and seductive.
It’s only a matter of your internal energy which dragon absorbs and glows with it.
You can pick a simple Chinese classic or go for something really mind blowing and cover your armback and rib area.

dragon tattoos for girls

If you’re brave enough, obviously.
It is alright to go to get a little one as well.

Small dragon on your shoulder will highlight your charm and female energy.

As a fire breathers, dragons will seem very awesome with fires and fire.

They can emerge from flame such as Phoenix or be surrounded by flames, underlining their power and strength.

Don’t hesitate to bring some fiery colours to your own tattoo.

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